Brady Foster

Brady Shea Foster is first a self employeed Husband and Father of three children. At 20, he began as a Traditional Blacksmith, apprenticing and then as a journeymen for 5 years to several of the most knowledgable and talented blacksmiths on the East Coast, from New York to Georgia. He then apprenticed under a Swiss- German Master of Metalworks, Guido Schindler, now located in Houston, Texas. Who intensely trained Brady in the ways of welding and fabrication of all types of metals. Brady then decided to attend UT Austin's Fine Arts Program. Within Three Semesters, he met his soon to be wife and his talents had been picked up on by several clients in Austin. The demand for his work took him into his dream of working metal while being a present and intentional husband and father.

" I have taken life seriously since I was a small child, after all the skills and teachings past to me by those who allowed me into their shops and lives, and now after having such a bountiful portfolio, I acknowledge the keys to my success lie between a tenatious daily routine and the relationships that develop within each aspect of my life. The stronger the relationships I have around me, the better my life and work functions."

"Our outfit is small, we have no intentions of growing our company, as we feel the quality of work lessens with growth, and besides, ' we love what we do!' We work alongside several shops and craftsmen throughout Texas to be able to provide our clients with the metal productions they deserve. Utilizing state of the art to completely traditional technologies, We are able to provide metal productions that can fit any era from Baroque to Ultra Modern."

Brady and his cohorts have been producing the finest metalworks and teaching classes in their shop in Austin for 13 years. The portfolio offered on this site is of select items that demonstrate the vast abilities of Brady and his collegues. We respect clients privacy and only share photos that have been approved by the client.

"Work and Life are not just about the things we create or manage ourselves, but of the community of people with which we work and all the talents we possess as a whole. Thank you to everyone that helps one another!"